Steam wand performance/flow - FIXED

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#1: Post by espressoerik »

I purchased a new Profitec 800 Pro and the steam wand wasn't steaming like I thought it should. Initially, I blamed the boiler pressure but then discovered only one of its two-hole steam tip was emitting steam.

Turns out, the cool-touch or no-burn plastic tube that delivers the steam inside the wand was too long and somewhat blocking the flow as it entered the tip. I trimmed it nearly flush to the wand's edge using an Exacto knife with slow, even pressure while holding it with a pair of small needle nose pliers.

Working well now and I think may perform even better with a Profitec 4-hole steam tip once I can locate one.


#2: Post by Pressino »

Good observation with a simple fix. Another way this sort of thing can happen is the steam tip holes getting blocked by baked on milk. That's why it's important after steaming milk to immediately wipe the tip while running a bit of steam through it. I also take the added step of briefly running steam through a pitcher of clean water and wiping the tip after each use. It's also important to always check steam flow, since I've found from time to time one or more of the holes of my 4-hole tip does get blocked even with the extra care that I take.