Sprover with Nossa Full Cycle

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I am still learning so any guidance is helpful ...
I have been experimenting with Scott Rao's Filter 2.1 and Brian Quan's Sprover (both have tubes) I have gotten good cups using filter 2.1 with almost every bean I tried. I have only tried Quan's Sprover with Nossa's Full Cycle with the following parameters:
18g in
1:12 Ratio
Water 4.5 ml/sec - 194 F
Pressure around 1 bar

Full Cycle via Filter 2.1 was smooth and tasty; Full cycle with Sprover was bitter (I think). What would you adjust to make the Full Cycle Sprover better (remember I am still learning)


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I am not an expert on this technique, but I suspect a coffee lighter than Full Cycle would be a much better fit for this approach.

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I agree (that is why I only tried it once so far). However, I am interested in the best tweaks of this Sprover recipe to improve this particular cup for my knowledge bank. I plan to do some trial and error this weekend and am trying to reduce caffeine intake during the trial. Assuming I stick with 18g in, I plan on playing with these parameters: temperature, yield, flow-rate and pressure. At a controlled flow-rate, grind will determine pressure.