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ShotClock wrote:What are the beans that you are using?

I'd recommend trying to grind finer until you can do 18 in 36 out in 30s. If that's still very sour, maybe you can adjust the temperature.

The good news is that it looks like you don't have any visible signs of channeling. The bad news is that the shot runs fast and looks quite pale and under extracted. The other good news is that you can probably fix this with grinding finer!
First of all thanks for helping me, not only you, but everyone here, i appreciate that.

I'm using a blend from a popular dutch roaster, beans are roasted the 29th of january. It's a blend from columbia, guatemala and brazil.

I'll try to grind finer and update.

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For any issues with flavour I'd suggest looking up Barista Hustles espresso compass. The answer it gives will point you in the right direction most times.

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I went through this recently too. It largely came down to the brew temperature for me. I read online one thing about the offset of my machine. Ended up being mislead by that and kept getting sour shots at all grind sizes. Played with dosing a small amount too. Once I raised the temp 4-5c things were much better.

So.. if you want another opinion... If you're getting a good flow rate and played with that a bit and your dose is reasonable for your basket, I would work with the temperature. I only pull one shot a day so, until I dialed everything in, id keep track of temp, time, temperature and then would rate how well it came out. Doing this for a few weeks helped my dial things in real well and rule out outliers. Oh and a cheap WDT tool has been great insurance against channeling.

Also just in case you are mixing up sour vs. bitter, usually bitter leaves a dry mouth feeling. I have a really hard time distinguishing between the two so I often go by the the mouth feel.

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based on your video , its flowing a little fast, grind finer until there is a mousetail (thin stream) on your bottomless portafilter.
some beans may taste more acid when extracted too high, but usually it only happens on lightly roasted coffee.

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I'd give the beans more time to rest. You posted Feb 1 you were using beans roasted Jan 29. So only 2-3 days post roast. There are tons of opinions on the ideal age but don't think anyone would argue against using beans 10 - 30 days post roast.

It's Feb 6 now. If you still have the beans. Did they get any better?