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jovial wrote:i'm experiencing the same with my pressurized portafilter krups xp4020 machine.

i've realized if the grind is coarse then i end-up with loose (but not watery) puck.
if the grind is fine... i end-up with watery puck, with the possibility of puddle on top.

i have yet no idea which of the two is better.... i get same amount of crema in each case, and the espresso tastes the same.
i have yet to experience with my tamping.
same here with my delonghi bar42 (pressurized pf). i've only had it a few days so i figured i was doing something wrong, but maybe it's just the machine.

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heres an update on the situation. I had the coffee shop grinder slightly less fine and now it seems to work perfect, much more crema, roughly 24 second shots (so I need to adjust my tamping) and a dry puck.

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Good to hear, though I've never had good luck with preground, especially after it's been open for a couple hours. BTW, you should head over to the Holiday Marketplace. There's still a nice new black shiny Mazzer Mini in Santa's bag. :D
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Hi there, your problem is that your coffee is ground too fine, try to grind coarser and see the difference. A shot should be made with 7 grms of properly ground coffee, 1-1/2 oz Espresso may be complete in 22 to 32 seconds. The trick is to adjust your grinder and practice, practice, practice.....

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