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Hi, looking for Slayer users who can assist with my dose & yield questions. I have been trying to dial in the sweet spot for a light and medium light roast. Running at

8-9bar max
60ml.per 30 seconds pre brew

I have tried to keep consist 18g in and 36g out, grind ing using Kony E, so far pre brew around 18 sec first few drips, then 22+ brew full. It's not chocolate or sweet tasting as description...tastes like plastic to be honest. Little sour and sweet sides and front of tongue. That aside the key question is the setup for the Slayer for light and dark roasts. Have tried looking for local courses, seems non doing Slayer specific preinfusion which is what the Slayer is about. Appreciate your guidance and help ...


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91C = 196F, which seems extremely low for a light roasted bean. I run my medium roasted beans around 200-201F, with some of the lighter roasts as high as 203F.

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Generally most of my shots are centered at 18.0 or 18.5 gram doses using a 20g VST basket (to allow for the significant bloom...) with espresso weights in the 30-35g range most of the time.

To pull "dark" roasts I'll dial the brew temp down and use one of two methods for extraction: 3-5 second pre-brew and pull the shot. Or pre-brew for 15-seconds and allow 6-grams to fill the cup, then full brew until 22grams then back to pre-brew to finish the shot. This also works very well on medium roast levels too.

For medium-light roasts I typically pre-brew 20-seconds and then pull the shot. Most brew temps are in the 195-202°F...depending upon the beans.

After reading on HB (sorry I don't remember who to credit) someone recommended pulling lighter roasts, especially acidic beans, at a lower brew temperature which is a contradiction to how most presume higher brew temps are associated with lighter roasts. I've since tried it and it surprisingly worked very well.

I think generalizing brew temps to certain roast levels is not especially useful as I recently discovered.


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Dan is the preview dialed into the grinder ? Would of thought 5 second pre brew would be pretty fast. The flip being 20 second pre brew assume fine grind here. I think i made the mistake of timing the actual Brew not prebrew....

So if I've got this right, 18g in pre brew 20 seconds to get about 5g on the basket, then full brew to 22g then back to pre brew to say finish at 27g ?? Looking for a start point. Oddly the temp was setup by Slayer tech...i thought it should be near 93/94 temp. Not looked at vst yet, get my time on existing baskets.

In comparison my local Espresso use a Lamazocco 23g in and a 25 sec extraction with about 27 out...tasted great. No idea how to recreate that in Slayer mode.... they gave me the same grind to try.....i tried straight Slayer brew for 25sec ...way to fast flavours all up front and sides of tongue. Taste not the same ... surprising....way too many variables.

But hoping to get to grips with taming this beast just need to re-adjust my thinking .....maybe ?

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Also, your prebrew of 2mL/s may be a bit high. You may do better at 1.4-1.5mL/s.

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Credit Nathan Hull at Slayer for the recipe for dark roast beans:
Temp 196
18g into basket
Prebrew for 15-20 seconds with a 5-6g output
Full brew to 22g
Paddle back to prebrew for total brew of 28g.

I've manipulated the basic recipe for medium to medium-dark roasts with success too. I've been using Temple Roasters Dharma Blend and for fun this morning I followed this with good taste results.
18.5g dose
20g VST basket (ridgeless)
Prebrew'd until 6-grams of espresso in cup (took 44-seconds)
Then full brew until 22-grams total in cup
Back to prebrew until 30-32grams espresso in cup

Yes, you need to adjust your grind setting to suit the recipe & specific beans.

RE: Repeating LaMarzocco flow with Slayer. Can't be done as far as I know. Slayer was specifically designed to mimic lever type extractions so the machine has a relatively slow ramp up to brew pressure (which isn't always 9-BAR). Whereas LM, without pressure/flow profiling modifications, goes from 0 pressure to full 9-BAR pressure quickly/instantly. Very different type of extraction and flavor in the cup. Some of the best shots I've ever tasted came off of a LM Linea by a barista that knew what he was doing! Having said that I appreciate the increased versatility of the Slayer relative to a wide(r) range of bean roast levels/profiles...
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Awesome thanks guys very much appreciated, assumed as much for the LM...funny they actually told me they don't weigh they go by feel and taste...need more practice for that.

I tried a quick shot this morning following same principles. Uped the temp also, shot looks much better pre brew drips around 18 seconds. Thicker and rich looking, taste subjective i need more tasting practice. But so's much better.

Sounds like the VST baskets could be an option ...good suppliers online ship to Australia ?

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For medium to dark roasts I probably wouldn't bother spending $$ on VST baskets, especially while you are learning. Get consistently good results with the stock basket first...they are very capable too.
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mivanitsky wrote:Also, your prebrew of 2mL/s may be a bit high. You may do better at 1.4-1.5mL/s.
i've heard differing statements on this but do you happen to know what slayer supports as far as lowest setting for pre-brew flow rate?


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The current Slayer owners manual suggests 60ml previously was 80ml per 30secs.

Oddly mine was shipped as 40ml ..