Single basket vs double basket taste differences with the same extraction yield

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I've been switching between single and double baskets recently (both VST, 16g double and 7g single with the step down from 58mm to 41mm) and noticed a rather significant difference taste-wise even though the shots are pulled to the same extraction yield (roughly 23%). I always assumed that the same EY will taste the same regardless of the basket used, assuming the brew method is the same and the same coffee / machine is used, but what I'm tasting seems to be going against that idea. Singles seem to be more delicate, less of a punch-in-your-face sort of shot, where you can quite easily pick all the different taste characteristics, with doubles it all seems a bit lost in the "intensity" of the shot (for a lack of a better word).

Curious if anyone else experimented with this and can share their thoughts or has any ideas why this might be? Few people suggested that this can be due to the different head space that both baskets have - if that is the case do we know much about how head space affects brewing conditions?