Shot too thickkkkkk ? (in a bad way)

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my set up is this :

Zentis Fp-1 as an espresso machine and Eureka mignon specialitá grinder.

using quite dark roasted Thai coffee, just a bit oily with some oily spot on the beans . Using 23 g dose with my bottomless, I pulled around 35-38 g in around 30 sec (including about 4 sec pre infusion). The taste&flavor is sweet with a little acidity, the bitter is acceptable as a dark roast. But the main problem in my shot is that i found it tooo thick. I got that very syrupy mouthfeel ,when the coffee hit the tongue it was very smoooothhhh . It was fine tho until the after taste came, what i got was like some oil coated my tongue all over and that smell of rancid(?) somewhat ruin the taste.

the beans here are fresh, about a week off the roast.

what could be the problem here. ? and how to solve it?

i once used some old stale medium roasted bean and find the same problem. Does my grinder produce too much fines.

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Your shot ratio is rather short, almost in ristretto territory. Have you tried a greater ratio; perhaps 1:2 or even 1:3? Alternatively, use less coffee and a finer grind if you want the smaller shots.

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Down dose maybe try 18-20 gram range. Aim for a normale extraction at the low end of the temp range. The off flavors you describe sound like typical dark roast that ran too hot and over extracted.. down dosing should drop the mouth feel to a better register for you. Lower temp should help leave the off flavors locked in the beans at least to some extent.

If you don't want to down dose you could just do your best with surfing for the lowest temps your machine can pull shots and just pull your cup when you see the crema start to blonde. This might lower the off flavors but probably leave you with the syrupy mouth feel.
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