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Hi all,

I was hoping I could get some input on this topic. My question is if one should ideally adjust brew temperature according to "style" of shot one wish to brew? Just to give a few examples of what I am thinking:
- For a long preinfusion-style shot over 60 seconds, should I adjust templerature down to mitigate over-extraction and bitterness?
- For a "turboshot"-style shot running for 20 seconds, should I adjust the temperature a degree to ensure proper extraction and mitigate sourness?


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Interest thoughts. I have found myself staying in the 201-203 range for quite some time now. Medium roast mostly. I've not correlated brew time and temp as much.

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Remember that you are changing contact time and ratio with those shots so temperature may not even need adjusting.
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Are you making 60 & 20 second shots from the same coffee?

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I regularly pull the same medium-light or light coffee with different grinds and profiles anywhere from barely 15 seconds (from pump on) to in the 40s or low 50s.

For me, temperature is the last of the tweaks, if at all.

A quality green, well roasted in the lighter range, won't "over-extract" in the same way that a medium/medium-dark or darker will get bitter. The quality, lighter roasts just get watered down.

A high-flow, short-duration shot will hit target extraction as well, apparently due to dose, grind, and the energy in the flow.

On both I may explore temperature, but I haven't found it to be a primary driver of extraction.