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My shots seem to take less time than I would expect. Currently a standard double basket with 18g of coffee, ground up at almost the finest setting that my grinder offers, takes only 15sec or so to produce about 60ml of espresso. It's slightly bitter to me, but I'm not a tasting expert. My PID is reading 200F and I see the coffee start coming out before the pressure gauge even reaches it's max (approx 10bar).

For a long time, I've though I should I just grind finer and finer. I've experimented with a wide variety of tamping pressures too. If I really really tamp the heck out of it, I can slow the process down and get a slower flow, but that seems wrong to me.

Can anyone please suggest what they would experiment with to improve things? More/less coffee? Higher/lower temperatures? Higher/lower pressure (kinda hard to adjust but I think my machine has a way to do this) ? All advice is greatly appreciated!


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You really should upgrade your grinder

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#3: Post by Jeff »

A Sette 270 should be sufficient, assuming your coffee is fresh.

Is this a change over time? Was it "working right" previously and isn't now?

Tamping pressure, as long as reasonable, isn't going to make a big difference. It's probably the grind being too coarse or being uneven.

(If you don't have a scale that weighs to 0.1g, that might help your consistency, if that's an issue too. Both for controlling the dose and knowing the weight of the output. Suitable ones can be found for around $15)


#4: Post by Quirquincho »

How long have you had your Sette 270?

When I had my Sette 270, I was almost at the lowest grind setting after 1.5 years of daily use. At that point, I removed the lower burr and installed one of the shims that came with the grinder. This essentially moved me back to ~7A (where I more or less started 1.5 years earlier) for the same coffee and gave me more range on the finer side.

Perhaps all you need to do is install a shim. It's expected to happen over time and a very simple procedure. Please disregard if you've already tried installing one or two shims.