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#11: Post by Caffelatte »

maybe I got it all wrong so do not lynch me if I did as I am relatively new to this (yet quite passionate...).

There I was checking out youtube videos on espresso stuff when I see this
I thugh, "look at that" a barista champion that is so confident in his dosing and distribution out of the doser, that does not even bother to sweep!

I google the guy to discover that he designed and sells a whole set of sweeping tools for ... others.
Isn't it ironic?

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#12: Post by lsjms »

I detect no irony.

There is no need to sweep if you have a good doser and consistent approach. Perhaps Scottie is trying to help the cack handed get the same results he does. Less the years of practice.
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#13: Post by Caffelatte »

Since the way he uses the doser (which is how all "modern baristas" use it) is not how it was designed for I wonder what a "good doser" would be.
He is not using the "dosing" feature which would require him to wait for the chamber to fill out before pulling the lever so that each pull would output a pre defined amount of coffee.
There does not seem to be any timer involved either.
I guess he is dosing by eye which it is indeed a testimony to his experience and kraft!
I still find it ironic but I guess irony lies in the eye of the beholder...

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#14: Post by lsjms »

If you watch you will miss it, but listen..... when he hits the timer button on the side, the grinder(anfim) runs and stops after a pre-determined time. He part fills the pf, taps it down, then clacks the grinder until it's empty, giving the exact dose he wanted(within the limits of timed grinding).

A good doser is one that busts clumps and drops straight down, like the anfim or a Shectermatic modded Mazzer.

"I guess he is dosing by eye which it is indeed a testimony to his experience and kraft!"
Well ya guessed wrong pal, which is indeed a testimony........
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#15: Post by CrayonShinchan »

lsjms wrote:Well ya guessed wrong pal, which is indeed a testimony........
I sense a France/UK rivalry here! JK!


#16: Post by Caffelatte »

...Which would be kinda out of place since I am not French. 8)
So maybe my GF is right when she says I should listen more...

Yet I can clearly see him stopping the grinding process by hand:
(by 5:14 in this video
so I am let to wonder what would be the function of the timer there.

Anyhow this is all fun and everything yet I should concentrate on my technique and not discuss youtube videos so that one day I can dose like a pro!

So now I will do the schertermatic and tape mod to my SJ and forget about buying the doserless funnel ... I guess.