Same grinder settings for double and single?

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I believe I read on here before that the same grinder setting should work for double dose and single dose. Should a grinder setting set for 18 grams work for a 7 gram dose? Or is that meant more for 15 grams and 7 grams?

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Yes and no.

In Italy, cafes use matched single and double baskets. One doser click for the single, and two for the double, gets you the same shot timing and volume for either one or two cups.

I have the coarseness/fineness settings on my grinder marked in terms of grams to use my favorite basket. I have to mentally translate to a different dose for all my other baskets. It's a lot of mental baggage; and since I mostly use one basket, not really worth it for me. If you switch baskets a lot, it would be useful to have a dose translator, so that you know that a the grind that requires X grams in basket one requires Y in basket two. Think of it as equivalent to being able to scale food recipes to various numbers of eaters.
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I use only one basket for doubles (HQ14) and one basket for singles (LM) so don't have to do the mental gymnastics that Jim does. Its easier when you're poor :).
I find that for doubles its a slightly coarser setting on both my grinders, and singles need very slightly finer setting. I just use a piece of masking tape stuck to the grinder setting. You can draw a mark on the tape, or I just cut my tape into an inverted triangle so it acts like a pointer. If you find you have to move it, you can unstick it and move it a few times before you have to make another.