Sage Barista Express Help!

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

#1: Post by StevenJB »

My Equipment
Sage Barista Express (something happened with the burrs, so I bought an external grinder)
Sage Grinder Pro
Felicita Arc Scale
Non-pressurized basket

I used to use my Barista express a year ago (store bought beans and pressurised basket), but recently I decided to get back into home espressos. I bought freshly grounded beans from a roaster and changed my basket to the non-pressurised basket.

According to the roaster, I should grind 19g and aim for 38g extraction. However, each time I pul a shot, the gauge on my machine shows I am over extracting. So I change my grind to a more coarse grind, and then I can't extract 38grams out in 25-30 seconds.

I have spent hours trying to dial in the machine and it's really getting to me ahhhhh

I can try and record a video tomorrow, if that'll help.


#2: Post by macal425 »

First of all, how does it taste? If it is very bitter, then it may be overextracted.

Secondly, where about on the dial is the hand pointing? When I had the Barista Express, I was usually around the 1o'clock mark on the dial and could usually get a decent shot around there.