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Anybody who is an OCD car paint home detailer will tell you:

1. Don't use paper towel on stainless steel just like you don't use it on car paint. It will create micro scratches.

2. Use a CLEAN microfiber cloth. If the stain is stubborn, smear some water on it, and buff with the microfiber. It will be gone.

3. Keep your microfiber in a clean plastic container to keep dust away from it. Dust and other debris will scratch the SS!

4. Have you ever tried to buff away a dried out wax from a car paint? Nothing will take it off. Try a microfiber on it, and it is gone in seconds leaving incredible shine behind. That's the magic of microfiber.

5... It's the microfiber that does it. Not the cleaning agent. If the stain is dried out, wet it with some water and put the microfiber to work. Don't wet the microfiber, wet the stain.

Microfiber will clean the haze away like nothing else.