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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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Scott's book arrived today. I didn't know that Jim Schulman is a celebrity. Congratulation.

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Sakae wrote:I didn't know that Jim Schulman is a celebrity
Was. Haven't done anything lately except rile people.
Jim Schulman

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I'm sure you would cut down on the riling if you'd quit telling those pesky kids to get off your lawn :D

OBResponse: Schomer's book reads as his way to espresso Valhalla. It's rigid, concise and dogmatic. It's also kept him in a very healthy business, so it seems. It reads as much more subjective and less applicable to home espresso than Rao's book.
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I have now Rao, Schomer, and Illy on my shelve. It appear that Mr. Schomer has not much use for Illy's science.