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This video covers it pretty well from 6:50 on. Do what he shows before shutting down the machine.

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HB wrote:It's worth mentioning that hanging out on a site like this, you'll find plenty of over-the-top concern about minor details.
This is sage advice.

I own a reasonably high-end machine with a very obsessive user community around it. I ended up buying a bone-simple, manual lever machine (Cafelat Robot) in addition. It lets me keep in touch with the joys of not having to think and just making espresso. There are days when that is exactly what I need.

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All very helpful, thanks so much ya'lll! :D And that's funny. I'll keep it in mind as I'm sifting through all the advice here haha.. I would love to keep things as simple as possible.


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I kept a lab journal when I first got into espresso. I laugh at "old" me now. You'll figure it out with time and pick up a routine that works for you without over complicating things, but some things you might think is complicated now, might not be later.

An example is when I had a sette270wi I'd dose straight into the PF and tap the sides a bit and tamp. I thought doing WDT was overkill even though my shots did have a constant dry spot in the 12 o-clock position in the beginning of a shot.

Now I WDT every single puck I prep and take the extra 30-40 seconds on prepping my basket and it's simple to me...

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Didn't even know what WDT was til you mentioned it and I googled it just now... I'm going to have to try that!