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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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They're getting "The best latte I've ever had."

Perfection takes time.

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I follow this approach with multiple baskets when I'm using a Picopresso on the road and want to quickly make coffee for more than one person. However, with a pump-based dual-boiler machine I don't see the need. Things are quick enough anyway.

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Interesting that it is consider a method. I would have thought that would be standard practice rather than the barista staring at the machine while the shot pulls. In a fast cafe like that do they have one person dedicated to steaming milk and finishing the drinks or would they pull all the shots and then steam milk? I have seen the auto steamers that do a large pitcher which would be enough to finish many shots at once.

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I served sixteen mini drinks relatively quickly at a party by dividing four doubles into four cute shot glasses each. The sixteen glasses were purchased at a dollar store for $4, lol. I practiced beforehand splitting the shots into four equal amounts and sharing steamed milk whilst setting everything up for speed. Everyone got a taste, the shots looked cool and it worked out great.

Robot shown for size. The shots were pulled and milk steamed on a Londinium.
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