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#1: Post by fxroberge »

My drink of choice is a cortado, I'm still what I would consider a beginner in terms of latte art. I use not neutral Vero cortado glass, so pretty decent in terms of canvas for a smaller drink.

What I'm struggling with is pushing designs in the cup to be able to stack more.

Any suggestions? Any videos you've watched that helped you improve?

Cheers and happy brewing!
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#2: Post by slybarman »

doing it in a cortado seems extra challenging given the very small amount of milk. seems like you would do yourself a favor getting the technique down first in a longer drink like a latte then transferring the skill to a cortado. I'm sure one could learn to do it first in a cortado, but it feels like stacking the deck against you a bit.

fxroberge (original poster)
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Could be a bit harder in a cortado, but I don't really enjoy lattes and at the end of the day, this is just an additional activity to coffee. I'd rather learn the hard way while still drinking something I like.
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#4: Post by StoicDude »

Last picture is a latte with home made cashew milk.
First two are cortado breves.

I'm a bit confused what you mean with "stacking", so I'd appreciate the explanation so that I could help

Here is some of mine in a cup that can take up to 140ml.

Usually my ratios are 40-50g of espresso and then 60-90g of half and half.

Here is some stuff I learned and that helped me.

Use a larger dose of milk than you expect to use. I hate wasting milk so I always run short on my designs.

Milk works better than half and half for latte art for me. Milk has a better "fluidity" and consistency. Half and half is a bit less "flowy" and I'm not able to be as precise with it.
Spouts and pitchers matter. I'd say more the spout than the pitcher actually.

I'll do the first pour to set up the canvas. If you go too much here, you ll run out of room when doing your art. This is a learned process and you might have to do a few pours for this.

I hold the cup qith the handle towards me, in my palm and tilt about 30 degrees towards the pitcher, after the "canvas" pour

Pitcher in opposite hand, goes to as close to the cup as I can and starts pouring. The closer, the better detail I get. While pouring starting tilting cup back so it's parallel to the ground by the time I finish my milk pour.

Not sure if that makes sense, but practice is the only way to go in my opinion.

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#5: Post by slybarman »

i thought a cortado's milk volume was 1/2 the coffee volume?

ETA: did some googling and 1:1 is apparently common, so my original premise about learning on a Cortado, probably wasn't really accurate. i thought it was a lot less milk.