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Jake_G wrote:Once the pour starts in earnest, you can start closing the steam valve, because the pressure will already be lower once puck starts flowing. Since the chart estimates 10 bar at 200ml/min (3.33ml/s), it recommend rolling the steam valve closed as the shot progresses, aiming to have it completely closed around the end of the shot.
That's a great idea! This could significantly reduce the amount of hot water dumped into the steam wand, and mitigate the temperature issues associated with this technique.
Jake_G wrote:Bear in mind that this approach of softening the early pressure rise will make the shot behave as if you had preinfusion (because that's kind of what you are doing with it) and you may have to grind finer, even though you are reducing the peak brew pressure.
Interesting. I tried one shot earlier today with a very coarse grind, thinking this was necessary because of the lower pressure. But I think the grind was so coarse that the unit wouldn't have hit peak pressure even with the steam knob closed. I'm going to try a couple of shots tomorrow with a finer grind, and will definitely keep in mind what you've said.


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Some advice - don't be too focused on numbers. What really matters is how the espresso tastes.