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Peppersass wrote:This makes me wonder whether the Hog could be a substitute for long, slow pre-infusion, ala the Slayer. The drop in dose is counter-intuitive to that idea, but the shot did run faster, which is consistent with possibly being able to grind much finer.

Stéphane, please post your info on procuring a Hog!
You can contact Joachim Morceau direcly via Instagram:

https://www.instagram.com/p/BzFjrPDoabI ... yjoo27c1m8

Joachim uses the Hog tool with a Slayer machine!


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Is nobody doing nutation with the tamper in the coffee puck?


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RapidCoffee wrote:Stéphane Ribes recently posted a puck prep technique study on the (private) Decent Espresso web forum. I believe his findings deserve a wider audience, and he graciously gave me permission to repost them on H-B.

video showing visual uniformity of extractions

slide updated: further testing shows less consistency with no distribution







* Visual uniformity of the extraction was rated in a poll of forum members (using the video without any technique labeling).
* Modified Rao "blooming" extraction profile incorporates a 20s pause after preinfusion.
* The Hog tool introduces an array of small channels into the puck, speeding up "pre"infusion. AFAIK it was first mentioned several years ago in a Perger "teaser" on BH.
* "Raking" the puck is the Decent Espresso term for a partial WDT (only stirring the top 25-50% of the puck). No, it doesn't make sense to me either.

Stéphane is one of the brightest lights on Decent Diaspora. I keep hoping he'll find the time to participate directly on H-B. :-)
Very cool video and a study in itself. Is this just a compare of 1 shot vs another shot? If so unfortunately these results would be anecdotal at best and you would need many shots of the same method analysed to see where it sits or any trends in the methods across a wide sampling. Puck prep doesn't guarantee results it just is more broadly consistent but any shot can still be a sink shot.