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rossandersonnz wrote:Hello! Using paper filters in the bottom of the basket under the puck increases the flow rate when making espresso. Do people grind finer to slow the shot to the standard 25-30 seconds, or do people accept the faster shot at the same grind size? Interested in your thoughts. Thanks, Ross
Interestingly, I observed the opposite effect. I just went with the longer shot times and liked the results. Probably inconsequential, but I rinse/wet the bottom paper before inserting. I've also inserted a (dry) third paper layer mid-puck and not observed any change in shot times - perhaps the AeroPress paper I've been using is very low resistance.


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For those using bottom papers - do you notice any change in body/texture?

Interestingly, I don't. It actually seems like body improves which I attribute to being able to grind so fine as well as my 68mm italmil burrs probably enhance this further with the fines it produces.

I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this or the opposite.

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I'm not missing anything because of the bottom paper, and I'm probably better off not conflating grit with body. If anything, it seems as if there are more oils (which are good, right?) on the surface of the shot than without the paper. The paper is stained but not clogged with fines, despite going to finer grind settings. I grind with 64mm Italmill burrs, but restrict the feed rate of the beans into the burrs, which reduces the fines, which subsequently leads me to finer grind settings - and the filter paper forgives.

Between the improved grind latitude and cleaner work area, I find it curious there aren't more options for bottom papers - enough to make the cost inconsequential.


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100% agree, seems to be a big improvement for little effort.

Interestingly enough, Orphan Espresso just released some custom cut paper filters to fit the bottom of the Robot basket. Will be interesting to compare theirs with my 1.75" cut ones.


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Curious to know if you still get tiger striping with papers?


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I have yet to see it, even at fine grinds it seems to prevent/eliminate that. I mean obviously Tiger striping looks cool and all but has no bearing on whether a shot is good or not.

What I see is very uniformly colored crema and still remains quite thick.


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Milligan wrote:Curious to know if you still get tiger striping with papers?
I still see tiger stripes occasionally, perhaps more muted than without the paper on the bottom of the basket. But I don't associate the striping with a good or bad shot, for me it seems to correlate more with the flow rate of the shot.

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Petraidm wrote:https://www.amazon.com/AIEVE-Espresso-U ... 0B5DP647F/

MANY sources available on Amazon
The linked papers are 58mm and 54mm... My top paper is 59mm and the bottom is 55mm. Being off by a millimeter may not sound like much, but it seems way too loose for my sensibilities. In my defense, there are tampers that are sized to the nearest half-millimeter ;)

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The following applies to bottom filters:

Apparently the Pullman 875 baskets fit 2.25" punched drip coffee filters

For VST baskets I use Ahlstrom filters that I purchased in the US through DSC (DSC Balances, Data Support Co., and a few, similar variants). They weren't terribly expensive for product or shipping and didn't have a minimum order in the hundreds of dollars. I have the 2370-0550 and the 9090-0550 which are both relatively "slow" papers, 3 µm retention, in the 55 mm size. I don't know that the "wet-strengthened" ones are needed. An Ahlstrom catalog can be downloaded.