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LMWDP #580

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#12: Post by Lizzoob »

The Oxo cold brew filters fit perfectly, better than the Aeropress ones, but they are ridiculously overpriced https://bit.ly/3B3vD2G
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#13: Post by zefkir »

Circle paper punch and chemex filters.

One box of Chemex will yield two thousand 57 mm circles


#14: Post by Kevin_C »

Obviously, filters for the top of the puck are bigger than the bottom, I use a puck screen so I only put paper filter at bottom of basket. I found that these fit well at the bottom of my 58mm 20g VST basket. Get the 2" ones. They are not perfectly exact but seem to work well.

Per their site:
"58mm VST Baskets work best with 2 inch versions (at the bottom of basket) of our PortaPapers. The 2 inch will cover all of the holes on the basket and will not "Bow" like the 2.25 inch ones do."

https://goodbrotherscoffee.com/collecti ... -200-count


#15: Post by mathof »

I use these for the (55mm) bottoms of VST baskets:

Whatman 1001-055 Qualitative Filter Papers; 5.5 cm Diameter; Pore Size, 11µ

They are available from numerous online sellers.

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Great find, thank you!

The 11micron pore size spec is interesting. I've been using custom-cut Aeropress filters up to now and have no idea what their pore size is. I consider the bottom paper is just there to suppress stray jets - but maybe it can add a beneficial level of resistance, similar to a double-wall pressure basket...


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Jonathan Gagne talks about exactly this in his blog. Its next on my list!
[https://coffeeadastra.com/2022/07/16/mo ... tractions/]


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Hello! Using paper filters in the bottom of the basket under the puck increases the flow rate when making espresso. Do people grind finer to slow the shot to the standard 25-30 seconds, or do people accept the faster shot at the same grind size? Interested in your thoughts. Thanks, Ross


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I believe most would grind finer.


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thank you :)