Puck on the screen?

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I'm using an IMS 18g basket and usually use 18g and have never had an issue. I was trying a coffee from one of the italian threads and used 14.5g. Half the puck was stuck to the shower screen when I went to empty the portafilter... leveled and tamped and everything looked good going in and flowed fine coming out... What am I doing wrong?

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My theory, presuming your machine has a pressure-relief valve that's activated at the end of the shot:
That pressure drop can make the group-head act like a vacuum for the puck. The smaller puck and/or changes in the grind may be less able to resist the pull. Used to happen periodically with my machine - cleanup was very annoying. Started covering the puck with a cut-to-size filter paper disk (there are metal versions out there) and had zero issues ever since.

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That happens to me about 15-20% of the time. Nothing to worry about. I usually just slide the portafilter back up around it and then pull it towards me a bit and the puck dislodges into the basket. An extra second of flushing and a wipe.