Properly extracting the sides in Breville Barista Express setup

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#1: Post by kye »

In my BBE setup I'm pretty sure I have the problem of under extracted sides in the filter basket - like the left image shows:

I have tried a few shots with a bottom filter installed and it seemed to improve things, so I'm keen to pursue this further.

I figure I have a few options:
1) get a basket that has holes all the way to the edge (my IMS ones have a large border without holes)
2) get filters that are the right size for the bottom
3) get a punch that is the right size for the bottom and would give me a far greater choice of filter papers

Any advice/recommendations?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I believe you can get Ahlstrom 909s in a reasonable size from ... -200-count

I have not used Good Brothers myself.

You can buy 909s through DSC Balances. They might have 50 or 45 mm, if that is the proper size. (55 mm fit Pullman or VST 58 mm baskets well.)

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#3: Post by kye (original poster) »

After playing around with bottom filters for some time now, I'm not really getting consistent results - some shots run really fast and others choke. The odd thing about this is that the shots that choke are using a grind size that works well without the filter - so the filter radically slowed down the speed of the shot. I didn't think they were meant to do that.

Any chance there's a basket with holes all the way to the edge? I'm thinking it would be a lot easier!