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AndyS wrote:Don't know about a stock Silvia, but several people have reported being disappointed in the shots when going from a PIDed Silvia to an E61. About 5 mos ago I bought a Zaffiro, PIDed it, and tried making shots. I hated using it, and immediately went back to the Silvia. YMMV.

On the other hand, I don't recall anyone being disappointed in the milk steaming capabilities when they went from Silvia to HX!
I wonder if their real complaint problem was having to surf again, or not dialing in their HX surf. I've probably spent 3 hours playing the surf techniques with Thermofilter since setting up Bricoletta yesterday. Having just gone from PID Silvia to Bric', yes having to surf again IS a PIA, comparatively speaking. However, with this rotary E61 HX so far I have to say it's worth it in the cup, better clarity. And back to back shots mucho easier to hit shot temps in a series of shots. Not to mention the steaming of course!
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Here is a thread that I have found enjoyable and thought might be enjoyed by others...Again... :)
Having previously owned a PID'd Silvia I get some humor out of it.
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