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Hello all, I would like some guidance on PM for my equipment. I have a Profitec 700 espresso machine and a Ceado E37S grinder. My routine so far has been to water back flush 5-6 times after each daily brewing session. I use Cafiza to back flush on the 1st and 15th of each month. I pull the shower screen once a month to clean and apply Dow 111 to the silicon group gasket (an upgrade from the stock rubber). I flush the steam boiler once a month by pulling a liter or so from the hot water dispenser. I wipe down everything and drain the drip tray each day and clean completely during the bimonthly Cafiza back flush. On the grinder, monthly (or when I change coffee) I empty completely and brush down from the top and run a good capful of Grindz through. After the Grindz, I pull the top off and brush/vacuum all the dust out of the chamber and burrs (so far I think this has been overkill as there is so little residual coffee). I'm using Crystal Geyser Norman, AR bottled water and occasionally Ozarka Bottled.

My questions are:
Is this a decent routine?
How often or do I even need to pull the mushroom to clean? (I have yet to pull the mushroom).
Is there anything I'm missing or what do I need to adjust in my PM?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. And thanks for any input.
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Still looking for input. Thanks!
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Your equipment gets a lot of love for sure.

It's not clear how much usage does it see daily/monthly.

In general, there's maintenance guidance from the manufacturer's manual. Looks like you are more than familiar with it.

As for the mushroom, I see it more like surgery, as it requires special tools, not supplied by mfgr. If you follow your routine, and there're no problems with the flow, the 'surgery' may not be needed, if not just out of curiousity.

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My routine for my espresso machine is similar to yours, but a bit less intensive. I also water back-flush after every session, but only once or twice. I only back-flush with Cafiza once a month. My routine at that time is about the same as yours. As for the grinder, I started cleaning it too monthly, but gave it up entirely. The Sette, well mine at least, seems to retain nearly nothing. What it does retain comes out first thing in the day with a 5-second purge. If making milk based drinks I don't even bother with that if the machine was used the afternoon before. Yesterday, as it so happens, I did take the grinder totally apart (guilty conscience :oops: I guess. There was nearly no sticky build-up, very little chaff inside the body and next to no powder in places where it shouldn't be. I probably removed less than 2-grams in total and did not have to use any chem...just a brush and a rag. Some years ago, I moved away from the traditional Italian and French roasts for my espresso. I hypothesize that roasting to FC+ results in less crud being retained in the grinder, especially oil and sticky dust that I used to find in my older grinders.


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Thanks for the input! I typically pull three to four double shots a day, 2 for me and 1 for my wife, sometimes she wants a 2nd latte. I have been using for the most part Dragonfly Crema Dolce which is on the light side of a medium roast. One of the darker roasts that I have tried is Blue Bottle Hayes Valley. We have tended to always come back to Crema Dolce and don't really care for the darker roasts unless it's for a limited change of pace. I drink mainly cappo's, cortados and Swiss Crema's/Americano's/long blacks (a double shot floated on 3 oz hot water, so whatever that is called :D ) with an occasional straight double shot.

I'm kinda with you on the grinder cleaning, there is so little stray ground coffee debris that I could probably back off the grinder cleaning a bit. I purge a full dose each morning before my 1st shot. And during my cleaning there has been ~1-2 grams at most that I manage to dislodge during a full on clean.
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