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My Mara X has about 13-14 second pre infusion and now I just purchased a smart scale from Amazon which has a smart timer with an "espresso mode" that automatically starts after approx 1/2 gram of fluid entering the cup. My question then .. do you normally count the pre infusion in your extraction ratio time count or not? Ex. 16 grams of beans and target 35 gram extraction out at 35 seconds (before grinder micro adjustments as beans age) So if auto timer starting at 15 seconds into the pull should I baseline a target extraction of 48 seconds?

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I start the clock when the E61 brew arm goes past the 45˚ angle position and stops when fully stopped in down "OFF" position. Consistency of when you start and stop would be of primary importance.
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What matters is that you time consistently. So, always start your timer at the same point in the process. If you want to use that particular mode of your smart scale, then your time will always start when the scale starts.

Personally, I start the shot time as soon as the brew valve opens. Knowing how long it takes for the shot to "drop" can be helpful in adjusting your brews. I've never messed with "time ratios" only weight ratios (weight of coffee dose and weight of brewed beverage).


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I agree, consistency in timing the extraction is what really matters. The time itself is not part of the ratio calculations. Time is measured just to make sure you're on track, so that if a shot doesn't taste right, you can include/exclude that variable in your analysis. Extraction ratios should be weight-based...the other option being volume-based, which is extremely imprecise.

But I gotta add, once the coffee starts dripping into the cup, the "pre-infusion" phase is finished, and you should be activating the "extraction" phase in whatever way you do that.