Pre-infusion - bloom vs steam pressure or both or none or ?

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Hi All. I have a Lelit Elizabeth which (by various means) allows me to:
- not pre-infuse
- pre-infuse with boiler water (bloom)
- pre-infuse with steam pressure
- adjust the steam pre-infusion pressure
- pre-infuse with boiler water and steam
- control the length of each type of pre-infusion (ie 5 seconds soak/bloom then 5 seconds steam pre-infusion)

Which in your your view produces better shots? With what types of coffees? Any thoughts on pre-infusion time?

Thanks all.

PS If you have a Lelit Elizabeth or just want to know, this is how you control pre-infusion.

The beginning of the article relates to basic settings. Program setting adjustments for further pre-infusion control are towards the end.