Pre-ground Lavazza pulling too fast

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I just purchased a Grimac Royal Falcon Valentina. It has programable buttons. Now I do not have a grinder yet. In the mean time, i have pre ground espresso, Lavazza( cant remember the type) it is very fine, and I tamp it very hard. It pulls a 2 oz shot in 14-18 seconds. It tastes OK, but should I care right now that is extracts very fast, and should be closer when I get a grinder? What I have is very powdery and I wonder if my machine just puts out too fast.

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Most likely the issue is with the coffee. Preground just doesn't work, no matter the supplier.

It appears to be an HX machine, which you will likely have to manage temperature with for every shot. See, for example, HX Love - Managing the Brew Temperature

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Thanks. I will look into lowering the boiler pressure.

I would like to install a grouphead pressure gauge but there is no clearance due to the housing that is over it. Is there anything that has the M6 male threading that I can mount the gauge off to the side?

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Note pre-ground 'espresso' is typically ground at a level suitable for Moka Pot. That grind is too coarse for an espresso machine unless a pressurized basket/portafilter is used.
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If you can get a thermocouple or thermometer into the group head, that is much more likely to be useful than a brew-pressure gauge.

Unless you've ground far too fine, the peak pressure in machines of that class are generally governed by the setting of the internal over-pressure valve, or OPV†. It may be interesting to set the lower than the 9-11 bar setting that seems to come from the factory. You can do that with a portafilter-mounted gauge. Setting the OPV generally requires opening the machine, so it isn't a thing most people play with on a daily or even monthly basis.

† A rotary pump will have a bypass valve, which serves the function of limiting extraction pressure.