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mkeller234 wrote:Ok, I am completely new to making espresso. I only started two days ago, and I clearly have a lot to learn. I've got a semi-humble assembly of equipment; a mypressi twist V1, and OE lido grinder. I am returning the scale, it's neither precise or very accurate. I ordered an American Weigh scale and some calibration weights.

I made one shot that tasted really good. The one in this video was not very good. Of course, I may not be very reliable on the taste front either.

I'll take all of the advice that anyone cares to offer. Sorry, my video is not quite as interesting as some others posted here!

Did anyone reply to you on your video here, id make a couPle suggestions if i may... For one, those grinders i hear are pretty good but your grinding way to erratically for consistency and too fast...'so try to slow it down to hand crank speed if possible , if its too fast id suspect heating up of beans plus ground beans cannot clean through burrs by the time new ones are being fed in and reground... Are you getting sedimate in cup? One thing about grinds in the cup is that they will continue to extract and obviously at lower than optimal temps... Now to the mypessi... I have one too and it makes very good shots... I also have several commercial machines and grinder to compare and contrast... And make needed adjustments... Anyway... Also you may try tamping harder as it seemed a little lite but its hard to tell in videos... But your shot blonded way too fast..The other thing is FRESH BEANS! Preferably something with a roast date and track record for goodness! ;) on temps, i could only hear what you were doing... What i do is this... Id grind first then fill the water basket with boiling water and return cap loosely so everything warms up... Including putting ring of handle in boiling water as it seemed you did... Then dose and tamp within about 30 seconds and get water boiling again then i put loaded basket in dried off preheated handle, (make sure oring on handle is seated well)... next, screw on water basket( whatever it is called) take off lid and turn over to drain and immediately pour in hot boiling water and screw on cap and pull trigger over cup... Least amount of heat loss... If the extraction comes out too fast and light, then make grind adjustments tighter or verify good firm tamp ( mine takes a few seconds to start showing and its nice and thick and tiger striped) .

One other thing... Does OE say to tilt the grinder? Seems like it would be less effective but i dont know much about that grinder... Id suspect strait up would be more efficient... IMHO