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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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Very nice, Nicholas. My technique is almost identical, mostly because we have almost identical equipment :D .

Aside from the lack of pressure profiling on my machine, the only differences are 1) I use a Spice Islands jar instead of the small hopper because the latter won't fit under my cabinets, 2) I use a plastic OE dosing bowl to weigh the beans and grinds, then put an OE dosing funnel on the PF and pour the grinds into the basket, and 3) I do a quick NEWS and nutation before tamping.

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shadowfax wrote:I'm too intolerant of eye cupping by now.
What do you mean?

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I just find it useless. If I had a problem with my shots tasting bad and I couldn't shake it within a few dialing shots, I'd use the naked portafilter to see if anything was awry with my technique. For everyday shots, I think the spout gives you fewer preconceptions, putting it all on your taste buds, and also lets you split a shot-which I do a lot for my oft-preferred drink, a single shot with a 'competition' cappuccino or macchiato.
Nicholas Lundgaard

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Hi there again, its been a long time since I last wrote on HB. I know this is not an exactly technique video, but this is my daily morning routine. I'm using La Cimbali Junior, Rancilio MD50 and also in this video using Red Brick from Square Mile Roasters. I aimed a double espresso but had a double ristretto. :) Lastly I'm using WDT technique, but that wasn't seen on the video, because I hate the visual of yogurt cup.
note: I've tried bu can't embed video on post. I've tried surrounding the URL with [youtube] tags, but didn't work, any help? Thanks... :)

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#105: Post by dcupstateNY »

Nice vid OZ! Thanks for sharing!

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Nice video!

I had the same issue embedding a Youtube video, then figured it out.

Go to your video, click on the "share" button below the video, then click the "options" drop down menu right below the box with the URL, select the option box for "long link", this changes the format of the URL in the box for sharing the video, copy the new URL and paste it here on H-B with the YouTube tags, will embed properly after that.

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#107: Post by specialpants »

Here's a quick little video of my routine.

First two shots are thrown out - main reason is to purge my grinder. From there, this is what I do:

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#108: Post by mitch236 »

Let me jump on board. I am posing this in hopes that someone will see why I keep getting low extraction yields. This shot was CC's Toscano (4 days post roast - I know, too fresh).

19.5gm dose
30.1gm shot
33 seconds (includes 10 sec pre-infusion)

I set the Strada to have a 10 second 2.5 BAR pre-infusion and 8.75 BAR remainder.

When I watch the video it looks like my tamper is off cant but it must have been the lighting, I can assure you, it was level.

<missing video>

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#109: Post by tekomino »

Mitch, its hard to be 100% certain because of light, but it would appear that shot went blond way too fast. I don't remember my shots going that blonde that fast, I usually don't see them blonding like that pretty much ever. Your routine looks OK, when I look at it on video, but if it is going that blond that quickly something is going on. Did you try nutating tamp?

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#110: Post by mitch236 »

I've tried nutating. When I look at the video, it seems like the center of the puck isn't extracting very well. It looks like it's slightly donuted (is that a word?). Without using a curved blade to scoop out the middle, however, I don't know how to correct that.