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Portafilter pressure gauge

I built one with a small needle valve...

The brass fittings (including the needle valve) came from the local hardware store.
The silicone fluid damped, 0-160 psi pressure gauge came from McMaster-Carr: Part Number: 9780T215
And I did a little machine work on the brass fittings to make the assembly shorter so it would nicely fit.



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And thanks for the link on the pressure gauge.


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Apparently there are lots of ways to make home brew pressure gauges. I had an unused compression gauge and backflush basket around and came up with this version. I leave the gauge connection loose to allow some leakage to approximate the normal shot flow.


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These are the pictures of mine:

Needle valve is a very good thing to have. Especially if you have vibration pump. The difference in reading (precision) on rotary pump (in my case) is about 0.5 Bar with adjusted valve (30 ml water in 30 seconds) vs. closed.

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See this Flickr movie made with mine PF ( BTW its for a E61 ) used without the filterbasket
http://www.flickr.com/x/t/0090009/photo ... 595667116/

Just pics;

LMWDP #377 @3aan