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Do you like light coffee roasts for espresso-based milk drinks?

Poll ended at December 27th, 2022, 1:39 pm

I do not like light coffee roasts period
I like them for straight espresso, but not milk drinks
I like them for both straight espresso and milk drinks
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#31: Post by iyayy »

mathof wrote:I find more precise dialling-in is needed for light roasts; but once I find parameters that work with my setup, consistency is not a problem. (I use a Kafatek grinder with high-extraction Shuriken burrs and a Londinium spring lever machine.)
agreed. i keep excel notes of my settings since i cycle 2-3 different beans depending on mood. have no problem getting same satisfying sweet coffee milk balance everytime once i got it dialled in. df64 MP and bdb.


#32: Post by mathof replying to iyayy »

I thought of one further requirement for consistency other than adequate equipment: puck preparation must be repeatable. This requires a fixed routine practiced long enough for muscle memory to guarantee very little variation in distribution and tamping.

I too keep records of settings. And TDS/EY measurements, as well.

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#33: Post by cafeIKE »

another_jim wrote:Most people currently call roasts dropped during the first crack, without any caramelization, or with only minimal traces of it, a light roast. City roasts are now described as medium or medium/dark roasts, and Full City roasts are now considered very dark.
Which is why all roasts should be classified with Agtron numbers !!!! :evil:


#34: Post by mathof replying to cafeIKE »

AFAIK, roasters habitually use colour meters to check consistency of their batches. If this is so, they could easily add the Agtron or equavalent number to the roast-date label on the bag.

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#35: Post by cafeIKE »

I'd like to see it online as I now live in the stix and rarely get into a shop.


#36: Post by DaniPGK »

I like light roasts with milk. For that strawberry floral notes that floats on every sip. Best during the day while working alone.

I like medium roasts with milk. For that nutty chocolaty mouthfeel. For the moments where i prefer some family warmth.

Imho both provides unique experience and there are no downsides to switch between them.