Please what grind size to use for Mini Vivaldi II?

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Please what grind size to use for Mini Vivaldi II? This is an espresso roast

I do not have my own grinder yet so I get it ground at the coffee shop. Currently am using #3 grind & I tamp it pretty good but cannot seem to get much crema on top of my shots and also cannot seem to get the needle to move up to the green area. it seems to stay in the middle blue area...

Should I get ground to a 2 or 1? tamp it with more force?

As you can tell, I am a newbie at this.. any input or advice welcome,

Than you


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I think for now, take your machine with you when you get your coffee. Establish a relationship with your roaster, they will know how to grind your coffee for your subsequent purchases.

When you've saved enough to buy a grinder and the supplier is local, take your machine for that as well. It will help reduce the likelihood of upgraditis if you tested a number of grinders and you are happy with your purchase.


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There is no such thing as a universal grinder scale. Every grinder has a different scale.

Also, every roast batch even of the same beans will need a small adjustment for optimal brew and ground coffee can change over minutes. You'll be hopeless to get any crema with coffee that is ground hours ago let alone days ago as the carbon dioxide in the beans (which is a key factor of good crema) will dissipate from ground coffee exponentially faster than whole beans because of the exponentially higher amount of surface area in ground beans.

To sum it up, do yourself a favour and get a burr grinder. Any burr grinder will be better than what you can get right now for espresso.

If getting a burr grinder is not in the budget for the foreseeable future, I'd be more inclined to sell the Vivaldi Mini and get a decent burr grinder to use with an aeropress than try to make due with pre-ground coffee on the Vivaldi Mini.

You can make consistently decent espressos with a $2k grinder and $100 espresso machine but good luck trying to make make a consistently decent espressso with a $100 grinder and a $2k espresso machine, let alone no grinder.


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Thank you for the great advice.. i will get a manual grinder to start with until I can save up for a better electric one.. My issue is mostly a question of space... My mini Vivaldi takes a bunch of space in my super small kitchen and very very limited counter space... By the way, I purchased 1/2 lbs of my favorite beans ground to # 2 size and it really helped out the crema... reducing from # 3 to #2 made a big difference

Next a small manual grinder to take it to the next level

Again thank you for the great advice... a lot more to learn for me... :D


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What manual grinder do you intend to buy? Actually if space is your biggest issue look into a Baratza 270.

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OP, this is a wonderful resource and the videos and will answer all your questions and then some: Newbie Introduction to Espresso
No Espresso = Depresso


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Thank you for the great advice on the small footprint grinder.... I will be getting an electric one for sure at some point... currently I only bought a manual one to get me going... JavaPresse Manual Grinder I believe...

I also picked up my first bag of freshly roasted espresso roast from renowned local roaster and am super excited to try it as soon as my grinder arrives...