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#11: Post by Jasonian »

I used to use the index finger method as well, but I found it takes more time, and is less consistent between baristas.

Then again, I guess that factor wouldn't much matter to a HB.

I never noticed a difference in quality of distribution between the two.. except that one is more easily repeatable than the other.
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#12: Post by RegulatorJohnson »

to me it looks like someone screwing a jar lid onto the top of the PF.

i do something a bit different.

i call it the "SPOCK-fleth" thats right you heard it here first. for all you trekkies out there the spock-fleth is a variation of the traditional stockfleth.

i dont have a big enough hand to it it the real way. so i make the "live long and prosper" sign and then do the motion. i can get some real nice even extractions using the "spock-fleth" i kind of pinch the mound between the "v" while turning. then after 2.5 turns i smooth the top like normal. i guess i like the name the most. but it is still a circular distribution similar but different enough.

you can also do the "peace-fleth" works just as well althouh the name isnt as fun.


thanks for the time.

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