Pete Licata Espresso Compass & 3-minute [VIDEO] series

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks.
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#1: Post by baldheadracing »

Pete Licata is the 2013 World Barista Champion (and the last from the USA). He has Interesting opinons.

These videos came out a few months ago, but I missed them. I think that his target audience are the barista at the cafes that are supplied by the roastery; so there's no RDT, WDT ...

Dosing and dose placement
Manual Espresso Distribution
Espresso Distribution using Tools
Total Dissolved Solids
Extraction Yield
Portafilter baskets
The Espresso Compass - blog entry at Veneziano Coffee Roasters
What I'm interested in is my worst espresso being fantastic - James Hoffmann
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baldheadracing (original poster)
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Seemed apropos to put this here: Hario's new W60 (yes, W) flat-bottom-and-cone brewer was designed by Pete Licata.
What I'm interested in is my worst espresso being fantastic - James Hoffmann

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#3: Post by PIXIllate »

Thanks for sharing these. The dosing is a bit cringy once you get used to WDT with something like the Levercraft tool but like you said this is likely aimed at retail/commercial where time matters over ultimate quality.


#4: Post by SandraF »

Thank you for sharing these videos. I've had my setup only since the beginning of March and I'm still experimenting with things like dose placement.

I have the Atom 75 which comes with a handy LED light which shines into basket. The beam of light shines an approximate quarter sized beam onto the floor of the basket, and the center of that light circle is where the grounds aim for as they exit the machine. When I allow my portafilter to rest naturally on the "forks" of the Atom 75, the stream of fluffy grounds aim towards the back (towards me) of the basket, which results in a lopsided mountain (18 g. in a 18 g. basket). This leads me to try various methods of redistributing the grounds - still a work in progress.

I then use the BT Wedge, then tamp. I have a BBQ light on the side of my coffee cart aimed at the basket so I can see what's happening with the extraction.