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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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kris772 wrote:don't wait until 2 weeks to freeze. Or am I wrong here?
Like everything espresso, depends :?

Coffees usually arrive here two or three days post roast. If it's something familiar, dials easily, I'll wait three to seven+ days before freezing at PPP - Peak Pull Point.

With a recalcitrant coffee, I wait until it's either dialed - or destined for the bin - before freezing.

Nothing in espresso is a constant.

And when buying large quantities, parcel out into two to three day portions before freezing. Improves consistency and makes dialing compensatory changes a doddle. IMO, some coffees age more than others whilst frozen and changes made over a week may not apply to the next thaw.

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#12: Post by kris772 » replying to cafeIKE »

Many thanks for that!

edit: what do you store 2-3 day portions in? a single layer ziplock wouldn't be safe, would it? Or maybe a small plastic freezer dish and not worry about the air?
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I would say that if you can't grind fine enough to choke out the espresso machine that you might have a burr alignment problem with your grinder.

Can you grind fine enough to choke out your espresso machine?

Can you adjust your burrs to be close enough to each other to hear them 'Chirp'?
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Either that or your burrs need replacing
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#15: Post by Jeff »

Rereading the early posts, the combination of a Baratza Encore and a VST basket is a challenging one. +/- 5 seconds isn't very repeatable to start with, the mystery shift aside.

First step I would take is using the stock basket or, if it was visibly uneven in its perforations, something like the EPNW HQ 14 ridgeless (doses like an 18).

If budget doesn't yet permit a new grinder, clean that one out. Especially if you see the big change after an adjustment to the grinder, something inside may be gunked up. There should be videos in the Baratza site, such as replacing the burrs, to give you an idea how to do that. Some will suggest Grindz or rice, but I'm not a fan of running cereal through my grinder and trying to get it all out.

I'd also try skipping the distributor. The more steps you do, the more ways you can add variation.

I'm assuming you're letting your machine warm up at least 45 minutes and have a flush routine down for managing temperature. If not, HX Love - Managing the Brew Temperature is one place to start.

I'm also assuming that you're not expecting to different coffees, especially when one is decaf, to pull the same with the same grind.


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Can you have access to another grinder or buy some freshly ground coffee (for espresso) from a coffee shop? That could help identify if your grinder is the culprit.

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kris772 wrote:what do you store 2-3 day portions in?
[Scot ancestry :roll: ] Lighthouse Big Blue dressing jars. Takes a while to collect enough for five pounds :wink: 13oz/384ml... or pint Mason jars hold a couple of extra shots.

Jeff wrote:the combination of a Baratza Encore...
IMO, the Encore is suitable for drip in the RV and no finer

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#18: Post by kris772 »

Thanks! Mason jars it is!

edit: ordered 12 8oz for $15. That should keep me out of mischief for a while. Will also focus more in on 7 days or plus. Thanks for that!
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