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I'm single dosing with a Turin 64P with upgraded burrs. This happened with my last grinder too, a Eureka Specialita. I run a few seconds of hot water out of the group head and I do give it a few extra minutes to heat up as well.

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If it isn't the grinder, then it is either the machine or the prep. The prep seems unlikely as your second shot works.

I'd suggest trying Chris' (PIXIllate) procedure of doing two flushes with the blind filter basket in place, and the full hour of passive warm-up.
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Could it be some retention in the grinder? Try grinding for the first shot of the day and discarding (or use for something else) and then grind another dose for your 1st shot.


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baldheadracing wrote:ETA: If you are using a hopper grinder with a lot of exchange/mixing and don't purge the grounds and partially-broken beans left in the grinder from the day before, then that could do all kinds of things.
Agree with this. What grinder are you using and are you singledosing? If you're using a GOD or doser grinder then you'll have a lot of stale coffee giving no resistance at all and thus a huge increase in shot flow.


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Are you using any distribution tool on the grounds prior to tamping?

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Yes, I'm using one.

Today I let the machine heat up longer and heated the portafilter more as well. The shots were much closer together (I screwed up weighing the first one so going by volume).

It's looking like the preheat theory is the answer to my mystery.