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#1: Post by razor488 »

I received my niche zero a few days ago and have enjoyed getting it dialed in. I have a question on the best way to transfer the ground coffee from the niche dosing cup into the portafilter.

I have been putting the portafilter on top of the dosing cup, and then turning it upside down. I tap on the cup and shake it all around to get the coffee in the portafilter, but quite a lot of coffee is sticking to the sides of the niche dosing cup. Is there a better way or a solution to this problem?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I grind directly into the basket/funnel, nutating to get a relatively even distribution before WDT/grooming.

There's at least reason to suspect, if not "scientific" evidence, that the grinds compact unevenly pretty much no matter how you "flip over" the cup into the basket.

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#3: Post by MikeTheBlueCow »

Are you trying anything before flipping the cup? I usually give a quick stir, or shake the cup, and after I pour the grinds out there is usually only one small bit that is stuck in the bottom of the cup.

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#4: Post by sweaner »

RDT will take care of this issue for you. 1 tiny spritz of water on the beans before grinding essentially eliminates all the static, and will not harm the grinder at all.
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#5: Post by Zwiggy »

Get/make a funnel and grind directly into the portafilter.

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#6: Post by mgwolf »

You need a funnel. Very difficult otherwise. Decent makes a terrific one. Also WDT before you pour out of the dosing cup which will help the static in the cup and get you very little residual when you pour it.

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#7: Post by Jeff »

Static, at least with a funnel, hasn't been a problem of mine even with ultra-light roasts from La Cabra. Coffee-time temperatures range from 65-80°F with RH typically in the 15-30% range. I do not use RDT or moisture of any sort. Though some have success with it, between not having a significant problem, keeping my grinder clean and DaveC's clear recommendations not to use it, I choose not to. For clearing the grinds that remain within the Niche, the Fanwer "puffer" at under US$10 does a good job.

I have a Decent Espresso funnel, one of the discounted "blems" in the original size, without magnets. It works very well for me. It displaced my Orphan Espresso of a decade or so of use that located itself with the inside of the basket. I don't know if it is unfounded belief or reality that the small grove it left at the top of the grinds made a difference in extraction. There are also several options available at under US$20 from various sources, including through Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and other globally sourced outlets.

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#8: Post by Govind10 »

I personally give it a proper spin with the dosing cup placed atop the basket after flipping, and then smack the portafilter off the table to get everything settled and shaken out of the cup. Then use a toothpick to break clumps and smack off the table again to settle evenly.


#9: Post by GEGIJr »

I don't Niche yet but if they ever get back in stock I might consider one. Anyway, I have a Breville Smart Grinder Pro. The only time I ever have static cling is when grinding at french press into the Breville grounds cup. If I grind into anything else there is no static issue so I think it's the plastic because using RDT doesn't solve problem when grinding into the Breville grounds cup. I've confirmed it's the Breville cup because I ground into a plain Dixie style cup with no issue. So I think your problem may be with the Niche grinds cup. Try a regular Dixie cup or even a cup like this


#10: Post by pankrakes »

Hi! I'm reviving this thread for a similar question.

I measure my beans with the dosing cup. RDT. Grind into the cup, WDT, put the dosing cup directly into the portafilter, flip, tap down, Asso Jack, Tamp.

I still get some residual inside the cup, but not always.

My question is, if I WFT inside the dosing cup, do I need to do it again in the portafilter?

Alternative question, should i follow the process above and use my funnel and grind direct, and RDT in the funnel/PF?