Newbie Introduction to Espresso - Latte Art [video]

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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#1: Post by HB »

In the fifth installment of the Newbie Introduction to Espresso series, Lem Butler instructs Dan and Phillip on the finer points of latte art:
Below are the previous four installments:
Many thanks to Lem for his instruction! There's still hope that someday I will consistently pour latte art that doesn't evoke puzzled looks.

UPDATE: Bonus features from the original session with extra tips and outtakes.
Dan Kehn


#2: Post by Miami_AJ »

Nicely done! I will incorporate some of this into my routine tomorrow morning. many thanks


#3: Post by jerbear00 »

Good job! Thanks guys. That was an excellent explanation. Love this series!


#4: Post by dick-san »

I think Lem is an outstanding teacher, very impressive!


#5: Post by mathof »

Ditto, to all the above.


#6: Post by Marshall_S »

One of the better videos I've seen on Latte Art. Lem has a very nice way of showing and explaining things. It was also good to spend 20 minutes here. In your typical 3 minute "You Tube" video, you see great latte art without the detailed explanations- Thanks for your efforts.


#7: Post by Nate42 »

Agreed, this is a great video. I'd love to see a more in depth latte art series from Lem.

That's an area where I'm really lacking, I feel pretty good about my shots but I don't make a lot of caps and when I do my "art" is laughable. The newbie already has me beat. :)

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Team HB

#8: Post by cannonfodder »

Looks a lot like my latte art. I think the consistency of the milk is the most difficult part. A little too long and you develop too thick a foam which works good for cappa's and makes a nice monk cap but will not pour fluid enough for art. A little too thin and the foam does not lay up on the crema and you end up with a ugly flat white.
Dave Stephens


#9: Post by tburres »

That was a great lesson - thank you. Enjoying this series, Dan - let's see some art!


#10: Post by Depauperate »

haha. yeah, great work with these. they're pretty entertaining to watch, and I'm sure a lot of people find it easier to grasp new concepts by watching than reading, so I bet they're helping many newbies out there. I have hopes for my latte art to improve if nothing else! :p