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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks.
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Excellent video and lesson. Lem is a fantastic teacher!
Not only was it fun to watch, but the level of production was great.
Thanks to Dan for putting this series together and to Lem for the lesson.

Just got a new machine with beastly steam and can't quite control it. Not comparing the Export to the GS3 but they both do seem to steam really fast (ie 15 sec or so). I don't drink enough lattes to practice (even the gf now drinks espresso straight) but I have some tips to consider when I do [edit: I meant to say that the video above gives me some tips to follow!]. Also the water and drop of dish soap is a great tip to not waste milk when practicing.
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See the first post of this thread for a "bonus features" video from the original session with extra tips and outtakes.

UPDATE: And the sixth installment, Newbie Introduction to Espresso - Consistency.
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#13: Post by happycat »

I managed to make my first heart today for the wife... Thanks for the video. It helped way more than any other video I've watched.

The key for me was the description of the steam wand head angled in the milk plus the varying heights of pouring the milk.
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#14: Post by GatesofDawn67 »

The high and low pour was the missing piece for me. The YouTube videos forget to mention this.

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Lem is one of the rare birds that can not only DO, but can TEACH.
Dan, these are very nice, friendly, and informative videos.
Many thanks.
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