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Based on the coffee's description from their website and the directions they give (19.5 g in/44-45g out), I'd say you need to make your grinder coarser. Those directions indicate this is probably a medium roast, so I would try 202 f or so temp. But sour is normally an indication of underextraction. You want to extract more of the coffee solids within the 25-35 sec window to get more sweetness without veering into the bitter/cardboard flavors that indicate overextraction. Here's a link to a great video on dialing in according to roast as well as taste:

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Jeff wrote: Temperature in a cup is going to be lower than brew-water temperature by a bit. How much isn't easily predictable.
I seee.. I will have to think about getting the group-head temp . BUT I've been getting some good results so far thanks to everyone's suggestions !! Thank you so much. I'm changing beans tomorrow, so I will keep everyone updated!!!!!

cccpu wrote: If possible, would you go back to the Breville, or is it more about how the machines look and regardless of perceived functional advantages, you would prefer to hold on to the Appartamento?
Hello!! I don't think I'll be going back to BDB. I honestly think it had some problems with the machine it self because I had it for a few months with zero passable results and also I have a friend that has the same set up as I had, which was Sette 270 Wi, BDB and same coffee bean and he was able to get greats results quickly. So I asked him for the setting and tried to match it exactly. but we noticed that my BDB pressure gauge wasn't going up at all when his was going up in the pre - infusing stage.

I really wanted to make it work so I tried so many things to have it fixed, but nothing was working and coffee were going to waste :(

Some good news tho, is that for couple of days with the Appartamento and with the help from everyone, I was able to pull out some pretty passable shots :D It got me excited to finally taste the coffee hahaha. It's definitely not perfect yet, but I'm finally feeling like I'll be able to

VoidedTea wrote: The OP seems to like the result coming from a mocha pot, how is it different from espresso? Is it milder? Maybe espresso is simply too strong to the OP?
I think it's milder in my experience. But maybe I just haven't tried the perfect espresso just yet for me to compare haha. I just finished my coffee beans, so I'll be trying out my Old School coffee bean tomorrow! :D

dparrish wrote: I'd say you need to make your grinder coarser
Yeah for sure. I did go a lot coarser and tried tamping less as well and that really seem to have helped with the taste!! Really surprised me hahaha.