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Randy G.

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HB wrote:Sounds like stale coffee.
With so many of us roasting our own coffee, and here I speak for myself, that I almost never consider 'stale coffee' as a cause for a problem. Even when I am about ten days to two weeks out from my roast date, I can taste the aging process before it affects the extraction in any noticeable way.
And not commenting on the OPs post or problem in any way, but it seems that considering stale coffee as a cause of problems for a user with a $7,000+ espresso machine seems implausible.
Didn't Southpark feature the 'Stale Coffee Koala' misfit mascot character who was very very sad whenever it saw a person drinking coffee made with stale beans? It sang: "Don't drink this. Don't drink that. Coffee beans shouldn't be black.. 'Make sure your coffee is always fresh,' says the stale Coffee Pan-Da." - 2000-2023 - a good run, its time is done

clokwork (original poster)

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BaristaBoy E61 wrote:I would try either or both, slowing down the shot with the brew paddle or/and grinding finer. I'd also try 18 to 18.5g ground coffee in the basket.
This helped quite a bit. I didn't have to change the grind much but I did start at 9 bar and ramp down towards the end of the shot. As an alternative, a slightly finger grind did make for a roughly 30 sec shot without profiling. I found I didn't enjoy the shot all that much. I seem to prefer the faster preinfused shots. This is fun stuff.

clokwork (original poster)

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Excellent info! I didn't know about the time to ramp for the GS3. You also confirmed my suspicion about preinfusion loosening the puck. Makes sense that my shots were faster.
mikeTRON wrote:
Unrelated -> good luck scooping up a P100!
I am going to camp the website and notifications until I can get one! :)


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clokwork wrote: I am going to camp the website and notifications until I can get one! :)
LOL, likely same for me.

clokwork (original poster)

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Did you order one? They opened up orders!


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Yes, jeez that was annoying. I wanted a black one and they were OOS within the 15 seconds of 5pm open. I picked up a Silver one, which I'm not super excited about but oh well.

clokwork (original poster)

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Wow, I had no idea the black version was so popular. I was weary of getting that color. My thought is that scratches will show very easily since the coating doesn't seem all that thick. Maybe it's durable?

Team HB

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I'd suggest asking if you can trade the silver for black. If they have not made the parts yet, changing their order to include an addition black one should be trivial.

clokwork (original poster)

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I didn't want the black version. I'm just a little surprised it was the more popular color. I wish they mad a white version actually.