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Pressino wrote:We need to remember that the PID indicated brew temperature is not the same as the temperature in the brew chamber and unless you actually measure the brew chamber water temperature you will not know how it relates to the PID temperature setting. This is true even when manufacturers provide a temperature "conversion" offset. This offset is at best an estimate (i.e. educated guess) because, at least in an e61 machine, the brew chamber temp will always be a bit lower than the brew boiler temperature, given the machine's operating environmental conditions, and the manufacturers are basing their guestimate on presumed standard conditions.

That's one of the reasons to try to measure, as accurately as you can, the actual temperature of the brew chamber water.
We do the best we can to be consistent, don't we?
Before a shot I often do a "purge", mostly to make sure that the brew head and PF can be as close to boiler temp as possible. I recognize that there will be a temp difference at the brew groups, but I think that's relatively unimportant if everything is consistent shot after shot. If adjusting according to taste, then what the PID says doesn't matter much as long as it starts where you set it every time.

I'm not sure where I posted it today, but after probably months at 200° I just raised the temp to 203°. I'll see where that takes me the next few days.