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Hi all, I wanted to do a quick into after lurking here for a bit. I'm new to this forum but have been active on other (non-coffee) forums for years.

I received my Mignon Oro XL tonight (and proceeded to drink half a pot of french press and 2 double shots off the stovetop espresso maker out of shear excitement). Yes I am caffeinated and it turned out to be the perfect user name... can't believe no one took it!

Arriving soon will be my Quick Mill Silvano EVO. I know the XL is not the IDEAL machine for adjusting between the two ends of the spectrum, but it seemed the best option for me in terms of a stepless grinder. I don't want to get in to the shortcomings of the setup, or what might have been better, etc., but would love to get some advice from anyone using the mignon line, especially the XL, what your ideal grind settings are, especially for the french press end of things. I found some videos and discussion on dialing in for espresso, but not FP. My burrs make contact just below "0", and for my first pot I ground at 2 full turns past "0", and at "3". I test ground some more at "5", which seems a bit closer to the coffee I had ground from the shop, but with more fines, which I think will just be part of the equation on this grinder. So, am I about right with things? Is there any kind of "user guide" for the mignon line that covers the basic grind setting by brew type? I couldn't find one.

Any advice or your experience with the XL is much appreciated!

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Yeah, I think 2.5+ full turns is within the FP range for the Mignons (other than filter-focused versions and the Perfetto).
Caffeinated wrote:I don't want to get in to the shortcomings of the setup, or what might have been better, etc., ...
Smart to put that preface! :)

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You can make FP with a hammer. Worry about the 'spro end.