New grinder and massive spritzing/spraying without WDT: why?

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#1: Post by barNone »

There I was yesterday with a new Ceado E37S grinder hoping I would no longer need to stir my grounds anymore: no WDT, just level, tamp, pull the shot and should get uneventful extractions. I was very wrong. The bottomless PF was spritzing and spraying like crazy from the start that I promptly aborted that attempt. During my second try, the only thing I did differently was stir the grounds in the basket first (with dosing ring) that resulted in a normal extraction, time, and decent tasting shot.

My two prevailing theories for the spray vs. normal shot differences: 1) unseasoned burrs, 2) not enough bean weight in the hopper resulting in larger variances in grind size (not unlike single dosing where redistributing the grounds is practically required). I guesstimate I had less than 50 grams of beans in the hopper when I ground out 18 g, probably not enough down force near the end of the grind. I did not notice any popcorning. The grounds looked fluffy and free of clumps.

Is it mostly the lack of bean weight causing this difference? How much would be from the unseasoned burrs? Is there anything else that might explain this?


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You're not the only one. With my Monolith Flat (SSP burrs), I used to get ugly pours with just ordinary WDT. Now, I grind into a separate vessel, and stir and shake a lot more vigorously, using a small cocktail whisk, before transferring to the portafilter for a final, normal WDT. Now my pours are beautiful. Nowadays, for every grinder every time, I: RDT>grind into vessel> stir like crazy> transfer to portafilter> WDT> grooming tool> sometimes tamp, sometimes not> pull. It is not an objective of mine, to mimic the shops that do hundreds a day. But for only 3-6 shots a day, I'm not looking for any shortcuts. My grinder is well seasoned, but it is a single doser, so bean weight in the hopper is n/a for me.

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#3: Post by Stanic »

I think most of these issues are down to unseasoned burrs


#4: Post by Nate42 »

Breaking in the burrs will help. But you will likely find some sort of distribution ritual is worthwhile regardless. My mono flat is well broken in at this point and I rarely bother with wdt. But I still have my distribution ritual of grinding into LWW style blind tumbler, shaking, dumping into basket, and shaking and tapping some more once it's in the basket. All this is faster than it sounds and results are definitely less consistent if I grind into basket and go.


#5: Post by pcrussell50 » replying to Nate42 »

Yep, this is exactly what I do with my Monolith Flat, too. And my mate with a Monolith Flat as well. I only give the grounds a quick stir with my dissecting needle after dumping into the portafilter, not to break up clumps, but to level the pile evenly.

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#6: Post by mohninme »

I have an E37S and I experience the same issue at times. I have a fairly rigorous routine where I dose into the PF with a dosing ring, WDT, slight tap on the mat to settle, leveler and then tamp.

I single dose with the E37S and I am generally using light roasted beans. I find this to be more prevalent when I use my VST baskets versus standard and almost certainly if my grind is too coarse.


#7: Post by mrjag »

I stopped WDT after ~10 lbs of beans went through my Monolith Conical. It was absolutely necessary during that break in period, but doesn't seem to make much of a difference now days. I still see improvements from misting the beans with water just prior to grinding, so I've kept up with that part of the routine. I'd have to add up my bean order invoices, but I think my grinder's mileage is somewhere in the ball park of 50 lbs now.

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#8: Post by Brandon »

I too have an e37s. I think your problem is probably unseasoned burrs, although stirring the grinds will still help even when it is seasoned. I used to keep about 50-100 g in my hopper and I never got any spritzing, but the extraction would always be uneven without stirring. I ground about 4 lbs of coffee through it right when I got it, so I can't speak to performance out of the box. I finally developed a routine where I would just grind, tamp and pull when I was in a rush but I would stir when I had the time.