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Hi Guys,
New Bianca user here. I just want to pull my first shot. No profiling. What do I do with the paddle? I am just trying to do a basic 1:2 ratio in 25-30s.
I am making a bit of a mess. I was thinking I would leave the paddle in one location and grind to find the right shot as usual


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turn the paddle all the way to the right.

Iconicred (original poster)

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If I grind finer and don't move paddle will pressure get higher during the pull? For Example. I just pulled a shot at 1:2 36g out in 18s. It registered 4 bar. If I grind finer and the time goes to 30s will pressure rise higher and higher?


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Yes pressure will get higher. Pressure is related to flow and resistance. Here is a good video about pressure.

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Thanks folks!