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LondonBunny wrote:Yes, I have a VST 22g basket and that also is wet.

I am not going to stress about it (following advice here), but it does feel odd - I am not sure if other owners see the same.
Micra owner here. I use a VST 18g basket and typically a 17g dose for my preferred coffees. My pucks will sometimes have a little water on top, but it's not excessive or 'soupy'. They always pop out of the basket cleanly into my knock box.

To be honest, though...i've never cared what the puck looks like after a shot. There are too many variables and you really can't compare your outcome to someone else's unless you are using the exact same setup. I've had great tasting shots with soupy pucks and I've had terrible ones with pretty dry pucks.


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I lowered my pressure to 7 bar. This is the puck on the first extraction with 7 bar.

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What am I doing wrong? :cry:


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Not really sure what causes the wet puck. It happens sometimes. Never really try to fix the issue. The extraction tastes fine.


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7.5 bar with puck screen. There is some water in top of the screen after extraction, but it seems the screen holds the puck together.


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