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Keurig has something that heats and foams milk: ... B07M6ZZ2FH

They also have one built into their K-Cafe model. A relative has that and it is serviceable for what comes out of a Keurig. If the NanoFoamer is better then they are riding a thin line in the market between someone who needs higher quality milk foam than a Keurig frother but doesn't want a lower end espresso machine (which would give better coffee and traditional steam.) Kind of a weird place to sit.

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For both cold and warm foam cheaper. Only costs little bit of elbow grease.

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exidrion wrote:I got one so I don't have to one handed steam anymore. I can get great microfoam at this point but this is a lot less temperamental.
Did you receive it already? I thought they said they would ship in September.

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Capuchin Monk wrote:For both cold and warm foam cheaper. Only costs little bit of elbow grease.
Interesting tip, though it doesn't look like it gives you latte art grade milk from what I see. For cappuccinos, it would be just fine.

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I've used the French press technique as well to foam milk (typically cold foam.). It doesn't produce latte art foam as you assumed. The foam is not "micro foam" and doesn't seem as stable as well done foam from steam. Perhaps one could perfect the technique but I didn't give that much time.


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Different product, but I've been using the Breville Electric Frother ( ... ic-frother) for years with a superautomatic until recently. Been using the proper steam wand since I got my ECM, but the automatic version served me very well until I got into proper espresso. The Breville doesn't quite make proper latte-art quality microfoam, but it's certainly good enough for making a servicable latte or cap.

A version of the product that *does* make art quality microfoam definitely has a use case and user base, especially at that price point IMO.


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FWIW, for this type of spinny frother, I've found that adding a tiny pinch (the size of a grain of rice) of Xanthan Gum to the milk can create a 'superfoam' that integrates throughout the entire beverage. It's like drinking a cloud of coffee, yo.

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I just double checked the Indiegogo for the NanoFoamer Pro. Shipping is still expected to be within the projection window of August-October.
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Saw this
I might get this depending on final price. Or wait until a second version after this has been out a while. I have the manual NanoFoamer, but pulling shots while heating and not overheating milk on the stove and then manually using the NanoFoamer isn't that great, this would be hands free and consistent.

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Nice, thanks so much for the link to the video. Very informative. Probably good idea to get version 2.0 of the product, or maybe 1.5 with some improvements. I would love for the whole pitcher to be waterproof though, and washable under running water.