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Hey all - Do I need to make any adjustments if I want to use different basket sizes? For example, I have an IMS 15/18/20 sizes. Standard recipe is 18 to 19g in the 18 basket. If I want to take that same grind/recipe and up it to 20 or 21g in the 20 or decrease to 14g in the 15 basket to I have to do any adjustments other than ratio planning?


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Even with baskets of the same "size", with the same coffee and dose, the grind often changes. Though there is some marketing belief that "precision" baskets let you use 15 g in a 15 with the same grind as 18 g in the same manufacturer's 18, I've never found that to be true.

New basket? Plan on dialing in a bit

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Like many answers here ... it depends.

If the goal is a decent extraction with similar ratio and time then you might come close with no grind adjustment but you may not get the same flavor profile. If you were dialing in each basket/dose separately for ideal extractions you would probably end up with different grind settings.

I regularly switch between single (9g) and double baskets (18g). Since I don't want to change grind setting other than tweaking for bean age, I stick with 18g doubles but I sometimes have to adjust my single dose up or down depending on the coffee so I can use the same grind setting.

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Thanks! Yea, I was hoping to use the same grind setting and bounce between the baskets with the goal of getting same flavor in each...

Could have sworn someone said this was going to be easy... :shock: :lol:

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Espresso is non-linear. Change one thing - change everything.

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Espresso is more like a house of cards. Change one variable and it all goes to s*t.
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