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Thank you Steve, great post!

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boren wrote:I ordered a Timemore Nano and am hoping I could us its flow display + the machine's own pressure gauge to be able to control flow effectively without installing grouphead pressure gauge.
In the meanwhile I sold the Alexia Evo (likely will upgrade to a Lelit Bianca soon) and received the Timemore Nano scale. Playing with the flow rate display, it seems very erratic. It sometimes updates the flow rate value 10 times or so a second, making it difficult to read. I guess I could ignore the fractions and consider only the number to the left of the decimal dot...

Is the Acaia flow rate display easier to use?

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Pretty much any "consumer" scale is going to be a second or more behind in estimating mass flow to 0.1 g/s. In my opinion, that is too slow to try to use as eye-to-hand feedback, or even automated feedback.

You've got 0.1-0.2 s for the drop to fall, 0.3-0.5 s for the scale to respond, and 0.5 s or more to estimate g/s from grams and seconds. If you want it smoother, that will increase the delay more. If you use simplistic algorithms, the delay is longer.